Follow These Simple Steps to Success

Follow These Simple Steps to Success

STEP 1 – VISION: Figure out what you want, in great detail

STEP 2 – EMOTION: Feel it – Be it – Live it. What would it feel like to already have what you want?

STEP 3 – PLAN: Start where you want to be and work backwards. Work out the steps to get there.

STEP 4 – GAIN KNOWLEDGE: “Do what the masters do and you will become a master.” – Joseph J Charbonneau, past director of the National Speakers Association.

STEP 5 – ACT: Take action every day. Ask yourself, “What can I do today to move me closer to my goal?”

STEP 6 – PERSIST: “Never, never, never quit!” – Winston Churchill. How can you give up when one more step could take you to success?


About Robert B. Wallis

Robert B. Wallis is an author and consultant who helps business owners increase sales by looking at their business through the eyes of their customers.
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